My philosophy about birth

And why I believe homebirth is a wonderful option for Ventura and Santa Barbara women.

a pregnant woman considering homebirth in VenturaWomen’s bodies are beautifully designed for pregnancy, birthing and breastfeeding — all normal, natural, frequently occurring physiological processes. Human beings are a species designed for survival on this planet. We’ve been around for a long time and in great number. If birth were not a naturally successful event, this would not be so. I don’t think we can “improve upon” nature’s great design, and when we attempt to do so by interrupting the normal physiological process with man-made equipment, we often do more harm than good. I am a strong proponent of intervention when it is indicated, but starting from the premise that birth works most often allows us to place a baby in arms long before machines or medications are necessary.

waterbirth in VenturaThough birth is a physiological process, it draws deeply from a woman’s social, emotional, psychological, and spiritual life as well. Birth works best where a woman feels safe, empowered and responsible. There is incredible value to women, to families and to our society to restore that sense of safety, power and responsibility to the home. A gentle, empowering birth experience is a valuable asset and facilitates loving family relationships. Respect for the natural wisdom and sanctity of our bodies is an essential ingredient to a positive homebirth experience.

woman breastfeeding a newborn delivered by Dawn Dana, certified midwife in Ventura and Santa BarbaraIt is my goal as a midwife to honor the holistic nature of birth, to nurture every woman’s strength and self-confidence, and to offer a balance of the ancient healing arts — touch, compassion, patience and belief — along with state-of-the-art technical skills and experience to assess and facilitate normal pregnancy and birth so that each woman embarks on her journey as mother with respect, power and grace.